Venezuelan Petro Called Complete Copy of Dash

October 8, 2018

One of the Ethereum developers Joey Zhou wrote in his Twitter account that white paper of the Venezuela’s state cryptocurrency Petro is replicates that of the Dash project.

To prove his statement Zhou posted a screenshot of one of the Petro papers which shows a chart from Dash’s GitHub-repository with an inscription in Spanish.

The developer also noted that according to the Petro technical description the coin will enable the same X11 encryption algorithm as Dash uses.

This is by far not the only similarities the both cryptocurrencies have: the Petro white paper says that it will also employ the Instant Send mechanism for faster crypto transactions with operations inside the Petro network selected by master nodes:

“One of the most important characteristics of Petro is instant send (less than 5 seconds) of the transactions, which represents an innovative approach and Petro's significant impact in comparison with existing cryptocurrencies.”

It is to be added that according to the Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro official launch of Petro is scheduled for November 5. Earlier he would also claim that the coin will be available at 6 major crypto platforms of the world but none of those has announced this cryptocurrency listed so far.

Note that this August the head of Dash Core Group Ryan Taylor said that Venezuela is the second largest market for Dash.


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