Soulja Boy Devotes a Song to Bitcoin

October 8, 2018

Rap singer and newly-minted BTC-holder from the US Soulja Воу has written a song for the digital currency.

The performer won his world popularity 11 years ago when he released a single titled «Crank That». One of the songs from his latest album is called «Вitсоin» where Soulja Boy tells on his successful investments in the major cryptocurrency. Having acquired bitcoins to $6,000 he finally got $1 million and thus could buy fancy car and other things he could not afford before.

Moving on Soulja Boy tells that the first thing he does after waking up is checking his crypto wallet account which holds Litecoin as well.

Note that many rap singers tend to mention digital currencies in their tracks with the most popular rap lyrics being by Eminem and his track «Not Alike».


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