Fortnite Cheat-like Software Steals BTC Wallet Data

October 8, 2018

A cheat for the most popular today online-game Fortnite has turned to be a malware created to gather data on users’ BTC wallets.

Мalwarebytes company, a cyber security provider, has conducted a research and claimed that some YouTube videos contained a link allegedly leading to a cheat software which in fact was an application to steal data on BTC wallets.

Note that the channel that posted the link is relatively small with less than 1,000 subscribers. The video itself has counted about 2,000 views.

The whole scheme works as follows: after following the link in the description user is offered to subscribe for the account and get access to the ‘cheater software’.

Although the ‘cheat’ was downloaded over 1,000 times the company calls the game community to stay cautious and not buy into the blatant trick.


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