Venezuela Obliges Citizens to Pay Travel Passport Fees in Petro

October 9, 2018

The government of Venezuela has found another was to thrust the state digital currency to its people. Soon the Venezuelan will have to pay passport fees in Petro.

Obviously, the citizens of Venezuela haven’t accepted the currency so far but authorities have already settled everything and now determined to see it implemented. Citizens on the sanctioned Latin American country leave their homeland regardless of the actions taken by the president to curb ever-high hyperinflation and revive the destroyed economy.

Introducing oil-backed Petro became the key point planned by Nicolas Maduro the focused on improving various social and financial indicators.

Most of the Venezuelans do not trust attempts to save the state economy this way, only small number of them are convinced the state digital currency will stabilize the social economic situation. Therefore they keep on flying from the country.

One foreign passport is supposed to cost 2 Petros which is approximately $150 and 1 Petro to extend it, as was claimed by the vice president Delcy Rodriguez during the press conference October 5. The sale of the digital currency is scheduled on November 5.


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