Around 30,000 Routers Coinhive-Infected in India

October 9, 2018

Hackers have compromised about 30,000 MicroTik routers having infected them with Monero crypto miner. Note that about 280,000 of the same manufacturer have already been hacked in a similar way among Latin America users.

“The number of compromised routers [in India] has doubled in the past month. For the top three cities with the most infected routers, the growth has been [500 percent],” internet security company Banbreach said.

According to the Banbreach report, the company has monitored internet traffic of all router users with public IP-addresses within the country. Finally the experts have found out that user computers got infected by some specific plan. For instance, 45% of all hacked routers were located in the least populated regions of India.

Coinhive is an application integrated in website code to mine Monero coins by exploiting computational capacities of a user who visits the site. Except for some cases this miner is primarily used by criminals. In addition, hackers often update the program to complicate the situation.

It must be added here that according to the research conducted this August Coinhive scripts produce about $250,000 in XMR per month.


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