Binance to Spend New Currency Listing Fees for Charity

October 9, 2018

The Binance crypto exchange has declared, from that moment on all commissions for listing of new cryptocurrencies at the platform will doled out for the purposes of its own Blockchain Charity Foundation.

According to the statement posted in the company’s official blog, crypto projects that wish to have their tokens listed at the exchange may set fee themselves and Binance is not going to impose any minimum level.

The post stresses that to provide transparency during the process of listing all the information on donations will be presented at the Binance Charity Foundation site.

The crypto exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao added that the amount of fees set by projects will not affect the process of checking coins.

Moving on, the news spread across the internet in August that projects have to pay a 400-BTC-commission to get their coins listed at Binance. But the head of the platform denied these charges and claimed, it is quality of the project that matters here.


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