Yale University to Make $400-Million Crypto Investment

October 9, 2018

Yale University, one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in the US, is a pert on an investment group that tries to raise $400 million for a cryptocurrency fund.

Though this is the first time a university has made such a huge investment in crypto, it has produce tangible impact over various industries from Puerto Rican bonds to New Hampshire timber, as stated by Bloomberg. The report covers lots of curious points, for instance, the University fund of $30 billion, the second largest one among the US-based educational institutions, has allocated the immense 60% share of its capital for alternative investments in 2019 which includes venture capital and hedge funds. Now the list obviously includes cryptocurrencies with their potential for other blockchain projects and ICO.

General inflow of institutional funds is getting more significant which demonstrates growing yet reasonable interest to both the market and technology and provides the much-needed impulse to break currency price fall. Many analysts have been pointing at constraints for investors like lack of regulation and options for large-scale market manipulation. Nonetheless, if big and prestigious investor of Yale University puts in millions of dollars in a crypto fund, numerous institutional investors are likely to take up the lead.


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