Trump’s Ex-Assistant Joins Blockchain Startup

October 15, 2018

Former economic assistant of the current President of the US Gary Cohn has claimed, he has koined a blockchain project called Spring Labs. The startup is targeted at creating applications to distribute financial data.

Cohn, the used-to-be Goldman Sachs president, was reported to join the board of advisors to the project. The startup CEO Adam Jiwan is of strong conviction that Cohn’s vast background will produce the positive effects for the project.

As for the Gary Cohn himself, he considers the distributed ledger technology to be one of the most promising ones for today and stresses that he is glad to participate in Spring Labs as the project’s major objective is to impact drastically the industry of financial services, etc.

Remember that Cohn would work for 25 years at Goldman Sachs. He was also the director of the US National Economic Council and was in charge of economics-related initiatives management.


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