News Website Uses New Zealand Prime Minister for Promotion

October 15, 2018

Yesterday one of the New Zealand news resources titled Stuff published an article saying that there were some Facebook posts with photos of current prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern. The headlines claimed something like ‘New investment plan for Kiwis’ and varied depending on age groups.

The posts linked to internet site that provided fake news imitating those from the CNN technical division. For instance, the site said, the New Zealand’s Minister of Finance signed a $250-million-contract to acquire a firm named Bitcoin Revolution.

Right after Stuff applied to the authorities, Facebook received a complaint and deleted the fake message.

Note that this way of promoting a project is anything but new one. One of the articles by Stuff stresses the idea that exploiting famous persons is so much common that it is almost impossible today to find an efficient way to fight this trend.


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