Tron to Announce Collaboration with Baidu This Week

October 16, 2018

The head of the Tron crypto project Justin Sun has posted a tweet in his account to declare partnership with the unnamed IT-giant with market cap of “tens of billions of dollars” and offer his subscribers to guess its name. According to the Coinness portal, it is likely to be Baidu, the most popular search engine from China.

It hasn’t been announced officially so far, but, as Coinness says, the partnership will be voiced within a week.

It must be mentioned that late September Tron claimed to collaborate with the torrent-client developer BitTorrent acquired earlier. It was this moment when media resources spread the word that the both companies joined their efforts for the Atlas project which is meant to provide BitTorrent customers with an option to make TRX cryptocurrency by seeding torrent-files.

Note also that early October the Baidu company published a white paper for its own blockchain network, Super Chain.


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