Constantinople Caused Consensus Problem in Ethereum Test Net

October 16, 2018

Ethereum net bеta-version of Соnstantinорle hard fork was recognized invalid after consensus check.

Following the recommendations by ЕТН Infura, one has to apply other test networks until the ETH team resolves the problem.

After the tests Afri Schoedon, a chief ETH developer posted a tweet saying that this year Constantinople will not be finished completely as now it is more crucial to focus on resolving this issue.

Schoedon explained that the decision was taken due to the fact that last meeting on the solution resulted in the ETH team not launching the project given any unresolved matters. The next meeting is to be held October 19.

The project makes significant adjustments in the Ethereum protocol. The dev team supposes that possible problems were caused by miners who did not update their software. As a result, the developers found the miners who got updates in the test net but this led to another unhandled problem, namely, splitting the two main ETH users, deth and Раrity, in two separate chains.


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