Paxos Stablecoin Emission Volume Exceeds $50 Million

October 17, 2018

Blockchain startup named Рахоs has reported on its USD-backed stablecoin PAX emission which has moved beyond 50 million.

Dorothy Jean Chang, deputy director for marketing and communications at Рахоs, posted a tweet on October 15 which said that a month before Рахоs Standard release on September 15 their company issued $36-million-worth coins. This means that in less than a week over 14 million PAX’es were emitted. The demand for the coin swells drastically.

The results of independent auditing inspection by Withum published on September 28 have proven that the PAX token was backed by $14 million held it the company reserves.

The digital exchange OKEx claimed October 15, it included PAX and three more stablecoins into its listing.


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