Russian to Face 5-Year-Imprisonment for Hacking Mining Servers

October 18, 2018

A 21-year-old Russian citizen was accused of illegal Bitcoin mining via state-owned websites, as was reported October 16 by the regional department of Russia’s Federal Security Service.

The investigation has shown that the accused hacked governmental servers in three regions. The hacking was detected in the city of Yaroslavl by the internal security division.

After that the criminal was charged with applying software for neutralizing network security and now is going to face 5 years of imprisonment.

Generally hackers get sentenced for theft or gaining unauthorized access to computational capacities for mining rather than mining itself. For instance, middle spring this year miners were arrested in South Korea who rented factories to get cheaper electricity.

Earlier a Chinese was sentenced to 3.5-year-imprisonment for stealing power at train station to use it in Bitcoin mining.


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