American Express Accused of Anti-Crypto Policy

October 22, 2018

The news broke that the Amex organization bought a post by Bloomberg saying that the crypto industry “is using more energy than all the world's electric vehicles.”

Nothing is known of the reasons for American Express doing so. The company has never been disapproving digital currencies. According to its recent article, BTC may well become a constituent to the global economy of the future.

Negative is the stance taken by the Dutch Radobank and Danske Bank of Denmark that believe that digital currencies are only good for money laundering. Anyway, both of them had already been charged with the same misdeeds earlier.

One of the Reddit users claimed that the funds laundered by the Danske Bank office alone exceeds total capitalization of the whole crypto market.

American Express has also been involved in similar situation. The organization faced a penalty of $65 million for its board disregarding illegal funds mixed up in drug trade.


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