CME: Average Daily Bitcoin Futures Trade Volume Grown by 41%

October 22, 2018

According to СМЕ Group, its average BTC-futures trade volume per day has risen dramatically over the 3rd quarter of 2018.

BTC-futures sales started off mid-winter last year. As the published indexes demonstrate, the organization has reached 5,053 contracts which is 41% higher than that of the last quarter (3,577).

Tim McCourt, the СМЕ’s manager in securities and alternative investments, believes, the indexes are to keep the increase going. Above all else he noted that more is interest in them is expressed by users from Asia: 21% out of 40% of foreign traders are located in Asia.

According to the McCourt statement, the launch of BTC-futures was not has nothing to do with digital currency decline this year as CME makes just a small share of this market.


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