Crypto Industry Jobs Number Risen by 300%

October 23, 2018

The Glassdoor site that distributes insider information on employers has published a report saying that demand in crypto experts has increased by 300% over the last year.

The document stated that by August this year the US-based HR-platforms have placed 1,775 job ads with key-words like ‘bitcoin’, ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘blockchain’. The authors say that there were only 446 of them last year:

“Continued growth in job openings suggests that blockchain employers remain confident in the market opportunity and continue to make long-term investments in their teams.”

According to the report the most appropriate cities to find crypto jobs in the US are New York and San Francisco with 24% and 21% of total number of jobs respectively. They are followed by San Jose, Chicago and Seattle. Companies from all the five cities have placed 59% of such job ads at Glassdoor. As for locations outside the USA, London turned to be the first with 189 of ads, then came Singapore, Toronto and Hong Kong.

As far as the number of jobs claimed is concerned the leaders here are Consensys and IBM with 213 ads. Coinbase came the third (63 vacancies). Other well-known companies from the top-15 list include Kraken, Circle, J.P. Morgan, BitGo and Abra.

Software engineers has proven to be the most sought-after vacancy (19%). Then came front-end programmers and technology architects. In general 55% of all placed ads are related to engineering jobs.

The authors of the reports have estimated that average salary for a crypto employee in the US makes $84,884 which is significantly higher than average one of $32,423. The experts have stressed it, however, salaries may vary from $36,046 to $223,667 a year depending on job category:

“The reason we see higher salaries for blockchain jobs is due to the location and nature of the jobs available. High cost-of-living cities like New York City and San Francisco dominate the blockchain job market and employers there must offer higher salaries in order to attract talent. Additionally, high skill occupations like software engineers already demand high salaries, compounding this location effect. After accounting for those effects, the high salaries we see for these roles are not unusual.”


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