Oxfam and Blockchain Startup Etherisc Team Up in Sri-Lanka

October 26, 2018

International association Oxfam that is focused on issues of low-income families has started collaborating with blockchain startup named Etherisc with the view to provide extra insurance services for farmers who grow rice in Sri-Lanka.

The platform based on Ethereum is able to create conditions where entrepreneurs readily get some kind of insurance to reduce costs for farming.

Oxfam reports that they are working on the project with one of the largest insurance companies with its name yet kept undisclosed.

Under this project the organizations plan to tap into the distributed ledger to modify manufacturing and selling processes in agriculture.

This autumn the UN General Assembly saw a fund announced which is supposed to make significant impact on the industry for stable growth. The fund will deal with both digital and conventional assets to eliminate the 17 global problems including poverty, imparity and environmental issues.


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