Korean Government Plans Lifting Ban on ICOs

October 30, 2018

South Korean news agencies report on possible lifting of the ban imposed on ICO earlier. Final verdict of the government will be voiced in November. Meanwhile the most of big officials today put up with holding ICOs within the country.

Remember that Korean authorities have banned ICOs about a year ago. This move has triggered much discontent by local crypto projects. A year later the government claimed they are ready to ponder on lifting this ban.

Min Byung Doo, a leading party member, noted that citizens today must have already realized all risks related to crypto sector. The official also pointed at the fact that the ban brought profits as there was enough time for maintenance work which may turn useful for both the state and the citizens.

Note that although crypto startups today have no official right to hold ICOs, the law is going to enter in force in the coming days and give full play to ICO.


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