Hacked Crypto Platform Coincheck Still Bears Losses

October 30, 2018

Digital trade platform Coincheck that was hacked at the turn of the year and lost over 500 million USD still suffers losses, according to the report on the third quarter.

As the paper shows, digital currencies have brought a revenue of $2,800,000 over the second quarter which demonstrates that the company made over $8 million during the first one.

Above all else, the report says that since the moment the platform got frozen it continued operations for actual users only. Total losses of the company as it got acquired by Monex made $7.5 million.

Noteworthy is that local authorities have investigated the incident and prohibited the platform to involve new users. Later Coincheck was acquired by Monex for $33.5 million.

Now the exchange accounts for over 1.5 million of active users with daily trade volume around $4 million.


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