Bittrex Starts International Crypto Exchange in Malta

November 1, 2018

Cryptocurrency platform Bittrex is going to release its new project named Bittrex International for all users of the world. The platform is supposed to allow for much faster listing of currencies and is to function in accordance with the law of Malta and European Union.

Bittrex CEO said that listing will not be charged. With the new platform the time for approving a new currency has reduced to several weeks. During the listing Bittrex will be assessing the project. In about seven days digital currencies will be checked for compliance with Malta legislation and the law on digital financial assets.

Bittrex users will be able to get access to the platform via their account at

To gain the status of Digital asset exchange the new platform will be registered at the Malta Financial Services Authority.

The state of Malta was called ‘a blockchain island’ for its favorable stance towards digital currency industry. Mid-spring this year the country saw one of the major crypto exchanges, , Binance, registered there as well.


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