60% of Americans for Cryptocurrencies

November 1, 2018

Research group named “Clovr” has conducted a poll which proved that around 60% of US residents take positive stance about using digital currencies when making donations for various political campaigns.

The researchers have interviewed around 1,000 officially registered voters to find out how exactly digital currencies can be used in the political sector. 60% of them spoke in favor of using digital coins along with fiat assets (most of those voters being republicans), 39% remained neutral.

73% of those aware of digital assets told they saw no threat in using this kind of assets for political purposes.

52% of republicans and 40% of democrats do not regard high rate volatility of digital currencies as a big problem.

Remarkable enough, one fourth of the pollees has claimed they would start supporting their politician or promising project in crypto if government allowed to do so.


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