Turkish Police Detains 11 Suspects of Crypto Wallet Hacking

November 6, 2018

The Department of Cybercrimes at the National Police of Turkey has arrested 11 individuals suspected in stealing around $80,000 in BTC from crypto wallets owned by the country citizens, as reported by Hürriyet.

According to the source, 14 persons have appealed to police to initiate search for criminals who had hacked their bitcoin wallets and transferred the funds to different addresses. Soon after the investigation went off the police of Istanbul found out that criminals gained access to these wallets by hacking e-mails of the victims.

Hürriyet says that 10 out of the 11 detained ones were arrested, 1 released provided further judicial control over him. The police seized two fake IDs, 18 mobile phones and SIM cards as well as 22 memory cards.

According to the prosecutors of the Turkish police, total amount of the stolen bitcoins makes approximately 437,000 Turkish lira (~$80 000). Investigators suggest that the stolen tokens were split among several addresses in attempt to hide evidence and finally exchange tokens for fiat.

The Cybercrime Department has successfully identified some suspects by their crypto exchange accounts as the criminals used the SIM card numbers for registration. The Hürriyet journalists report that the investigation is still underway and the police is seeking for new suspects related to the case.

In addition, this August saw the Turkish lira rate plummeting down to 50% against US dollar which whiplashed the country’s interest in the crypto market.


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