Startup Blockchains Announces Its Own Crypto City

November 6, 2018

The head of a blockchain startup named Blockchains Jeffrey Berns told on his plans to open his own crypto city in desert. The project was presented at the Prague Blockchain Week conference last Thursday, November 1.

Berns claimed that infrastructure of the would-be city will be closely related to blockchain innovations. As the startup CEO put it, it will have houses, chain stores, esports event arena, media content studio as well as hi-tech park for businesses focused on blockchain solutions in the field of AI, 3D-printing and nano technology. Berns also added that all the mentioned premises will accept payments in cryptocurrency with investors offered specific tax privileges.

To store digital tokens of city residents Blockchains will use servers deployed in two military bunkers out-of-operation located in two unnamed states as well as outside the country, in Sweden and Switzerland.

As for Berns, to provide reliable crypto banking environment in the city they had to acquire one of the American banks. The Blockchains CEO told that the decision was caused by blocking of his accounts at this bank linked with his Coinbase account.

Above all else, Berns added that the company has entered in partnership with power and gas provider in the state of Nevada, NV Energy, with the view to join efforts in developing electricity-related projects involving blockchain technologies.


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