Young Germans Tend to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

November 7, 2018

The poll conducted by a German research group in two cities has shown that over 25% of young Germans are ready to acquire digital assets.

Internet-survey has been held in Hessen and Saxony with total population over 10 million people. This experiment involved 1,000 of Germans aged from 18 to 39.

The poll has proven that 55% are aware of digital assets, while 77% claimed, they wouldn’t buy them.

When regarding risk factors, 70% of the respondents told, they consider this trading risky. In general, the survey has demonstrated certain correlation between attitude towards risks and age. For instance, 54% aged from 30 to 39 believe any investment in digital currencies being risky, while 28% of the pollees (18-29 years old) recognized this activity quite acceptable.

This kind of polls have already been held earlier in the US. For example, the survey conducted by YouGov has shown that 36% of young Americans would like to replace dollar with digital currencies.


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