Experts On to Hackers Who Stole $60 Million at Zaif Crypto Exchange

November 7, 2018

Information security experts from Japan Digital Design of the Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group have claimed that they have got on the trail of hackers who stole $60 million from the digital exchange Zaif.

As they put it, they have conducted an investigation to trace digital currency transfers since the moment of hacking and found out the source of the attack late October.

The organization that found the alleged criminals told that the information was passed to the government. The details still remain undisclosed.

The exchange Zaif was hacked early autumn this year and lost $60 million in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monacoin.

In October the Japan’s Financial Services Authority declared it planned to gain more information in the hack from the operator of the exchange, Tech Bureau, including reasons for the operator dawdle with reporting on the incident.


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