Two Chinese Cities Launch Blockchain System for Tracking Parolees

November 12, 2018

According to CCN, authorities of two cities in the Chinese province of Guangdong began applying blockchain for monitoring ex-prisoners of local penitentiary facilities released on parole.

The Foshan authorities has published a report saying a municipal crime prevention system was launched: those on parole will be given special bracelets developed on the technology of blockchain.

“The city of Foshan in southern China’s Guangdong province on Monday announced the launch of the nation’s first blockchain-based community correction service system to keep track of offenders in its Chancheng district in real time. […] The system allows local police, prosecutors, and court officials to share their real-time data and to coordinate their services to conduct better supervision on and service for the offenders, officials introduced at a press conference on Monday.”

The official paper on the issue was also released by the authorities of Zhongshan. Unlike the first one, it stated that applying new system would go beyond bare monitoring of ex-prisoners. According to the Chinese media, the system was launched last Wednesday, November 7, and, as journalists note, it is capable of much more than just supervision.

“The new system can also use data analysis to detect the possibility of community criminals re-offending. Through the system background data analysis, the action trajectory and situation of the community prisoners can be clearly and clearly seen.”

The reports do not describe the systems in more detail. But the mere fact of these solutions is just another proof for wide implications of the distributed ledger.


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