Canada’s Major BTC Company Claims Unprecedented Returns

November 13, 2018

The executives of the Canada-based mining organization named Hut 8 have published a report saying that the company gained all-time high revenues over the third quarter of 2018.

From mid-summer to early autumn the company has bumped its revenue level up to $13.5 million while it was only $6 million that it got in the previous quarter.

Hut 8 also told that the figure was the result of applying innovational crypto miners BlockBox developed by Bitfury. This summed the company acquired around 56 crypto miners and another 16 early autumn.

Above all else the report by Hut 8 describes increased power costs due to high temperature which also influenced revenue rates, as the company says. So it is going to tap into this winter season to cap its own income record by lowering electricity costs.


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