7-Year-Imprisonment for BTC Platform Explosion Attempt

November 13, 2018

Jermu Michael Salonen, citizen of Sweden, was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment for attempt to mail an explosive device to one of the London’s Bitcoin exchanges.

Summer 2017 Salonen mailed a self-made bomb to the office of a London-based crypto company named Cryptopay but fortunately the bomb was defused. Along with that the Swede was accused of threatening senior officials of the government. Around 20 officers and parliamentarians received threatening letters with white powder that was later found safe. Note that one of the addressees was the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven.

Remarkable is that such incidents related to digital currencies to some extent keep on reoccurring. Quite lately an 18-year-old Indian has threatened to blow up an airport in Miami as the US police had refused to help him restore stolen Bitcoins. The guy called to the FBI office times without number for the bureau to take measures but failed. Then he began promising to come to the airport with weapons and bombs but was later caught and accused of terrorist threats.


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