Chinese School Principals Fired Out for ETH Mining

November 16, 2018

Two school administrators in the city of Puman, China, were caught in stealing school electricity to mine ETH.

As teachers of the school report, over the last several months computers there produced unusual noise during or after hours. Meanwhile, local network grew less efficient while power consumption doubled. Initially, the general manager thought this could have been caused by overuse of air conditioners but the idea was not borne out.

Investigating the situation has shown that administrators of the school exploited nine computers of $7,000-worth to mine Ethereum.

It turned out that their actions have resulted in the school bearing about $2,500 losses. After the incident the principal was dismissed from school and the Communist Party.

Note that regardless of sound ban on private use of hardware for mining hundreds of employees keep on tapping into free electricity to mine digital currencies.


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