Fake Crypto Wallets Uploaded at Google Play

November 16, 2018

Lukas Stefanko, a ESET company employee, has detected 4 fake crypto wallets at the Google internet store that were meant to steal private user data.

Criminals have created fake applications for NЕО, ЕТН and USDТ, with one of them in disguise of MetaMask. Malware wallets would steal personal data from user credit cards and mobile bank login and password. For now all apps have been removed from Google Play.

Stefanko classified each application and concluded, the MetaMask-like was a phishing one, the rest being fake crypto wallets.

Stefanko also noted that this kind of applications just demonstrate the creator’s public address without any private key. As a result, a person who deposited cryptocurrency to fake wallet has no chance to get it back as they have no private key available.


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