Results of the Day: January 31, 2019

January 31, 2019

  • The number of cryptocurrency ATMs in Russia decreased by 32 percent from 75 to 51 units. According to a survey, 96% of cryptocurrency users never used a cryptocurrency ATM and 70% see no reason in them.
  • Binance began to accept fiat money deposits via Mastercard and Visa cards. 

  • South Korea refused to lift token sales ban. 
  • Zilliqa announced the launch of its mainnet one year after its token sale. This is the first cryptocurrency project, that practically implemented sharding technology.
  • A cryptocurrency loaned company Genesis Global Capital lent and borrowed $1.1 billion in 2018.
  • NEM Foundation announce, that the company have funding for only one month of operation. The company is urgently trying to find additional funding sources and getting ready for reducing the number of employees. 
  • Now you can pay with BTC in the Ethereum network. Kyber Network, Republic Protocol and BitGo issued an ERC-20 token called WBTC, which is backed by BTC. 
  • According to Forbes, there are 7 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gemini and SBI Virtual Currency, that use the interface of Nasdaq. 

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3459$ (↓0.80%)
Ripple 0.310$ (↓3.33%)
Ethereum 107$ (↓1.82%)
EOS 2.32$ (↓0.77%)
Bitcoin Cash 115$ (↓2.70%)
Litecoin 32$ (↓1.26%)
Stellar 0.08273$ (↓4.08%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $114 billion.


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