Results of the Day: February 11, 2019

February 11, 2019

  • A 15% tax on cryptocurrency operations was imposed in Venezuela. Taxable base includes transactions between individuals. The minimum amount of commission from each transaction is set at 0,25 euro. 
  • Cryptocurrency platform Bakkt raised $25 million and will be launched this spring. 
  • Ethereum is back in the second place by market capitalization. It was later announced that the block time increased to 20 seconds due to Difficulty Bomb. Ethereum miners can only earn 13000 ETH. Ethereum hard fork is scheduled on February 26 and will reduce block reward to 2 ETH. This will help to defer the explosion of Difficulty Bomb to one year.
  • By the way, almost 90% of 1375 dApps that run on Ethereum don't have any users. Vitalik Buterin becomes less and less popular within the cryptocurrency community, as Tron founder Justin Sun now has more Twitter followers than Vitalik.
  • LocalBitcoins to introduce new verification measures in compliance with EU's KYC/AML regulations in March. 

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3648$ (↓0.23%)
Ethereum 121$ (↑2.31%)
Ripple 0.304$ (↓0.41%)
Litecoin 43$ (↓8.01%)
EOS 2.78$ (↑1.12%)
Bitcoin Cash 123$ (↓0.74%)
Stellar 0.07762$ (↓1.52%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $121 billion


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