Results of the Day: February 12, 2019

February 12, 2019

  • P2P trading is breaking records. Venezuela, Singapore, Poland, and Kazakhstan are worth noting countries. Singaporeans traded 145 BTC only on Localbitcoins. Polish traders broke a 14-month record and exchanger 23 BTC. 22 BTC was traded in Kazakhstan in less than a week, a second highest amount ever. However, Latin America is the leader. 2004 BTC was exchanged in one week only in Venezuela, 350 BTC in Colombia, 250 BTC in Peru, 100 BTC in Mexico, 65 BTC in Argentina.
  • Rio Carnival will feature the history of money including cryptocurrency. Performers will dress in cryptocurrency themed costumes. 
  • Two US public pension funds invested $40 million into a cryptocurrency fund.
  • Decentralized exchange from Binance to be launched on February 20 in test mode.
  • There were found another bug in the Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade. It is possible that the date of the upcoming hard fork will be rescheduled for the third time.
  • 85% of Monero network is conquered by ASIC miners. Hard fork is inevitable.

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3644$ (↓0.19%)
Ethereum 121$ (↓0.18%)
Ripple 0.303$ (↓0.29%)
Litecoin 43$ (↑0.48%)
EOS 2.86$ (↑2.74%)
Bitcoin Cash 122$ (↓0.38%)
Stellar 0.07832$ (↑0.58%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $121 billion


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