Results of the Day: February 14, 2019

February 14, 2019

  • Fold, a project that allows to convert cryptocurrency into gift cards, has launched the service This service allows to order a pizza with cryptocurrency via Lightning Network. 
  • SEC requested Reality Shares to withdraw its Bitcoin ETF application. 
  • JPMorgan Chase announced the launch of its own stable coin called USD JPM Coin for cross-border payments.
  • According to a study by Reuters, traditional banks could save at least 25% on transaction processing with the help of blockchain technology, citing the example of HSBC, that launched the FX Everywhere solution.
  • Kaspersky Labs conducted a survey and found that 13% of people use cryptocurrency as an online payment method. The number of companies, that accept cryptocurrency, has grown by 700%, from 1789 to 14346. Cinemas, car dealers, jewelry stores, and grocery stores accept cryptocurrency more often that the others. 

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3629$ (↓0.02%)
Ethereum 123$ (↑0.20%)
Ripple 0.306$ (↑0.42%)
Litecoin 42$ (↑0.31%)
EOS 2.77$ (↓3.31%)
Bitcoin Cash 123$ (↑0.48%)
Stellar 0.07679$ (↓1.27%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $121 billion


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