Results of the Day: February 18, 2019

February 18, 2019

  • Despite the finding of another bug in Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade, Vitalik Buterin decided not to postpone the date of the upcoming hard fork.
  • ShapeShift announced rebranding that will make the platform easier to use. 
  • Rakuten to begin accepting cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitmain introduced an upgraded version of ASIC miner on a 7 nanometer processor, that would make cryptocurrency mining more energy efficient by 30%.
  • Central bank of Spain criticized Bitcoin for lack of decentralization. 
  • Shift Payments to cease supporting Shift Cards on April 11. Those cards allow users to spend cryptocurrency as dollars using their Coinbase account. The company plans to re-launch this service, but there is no timetable yet.
  • Brazilian trader accidentally bought 0.0047 BTC at the exchange rate of $19400. 
  • Veriblock generates 30% of all Bitcoin transaction. 

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3928$ (↑8.20%)
Ethereum 147$ (↑14.53%)
Ripple 0.324$ (↑7.82%)
EOS 3.48$ (↑23.16%)
Litecoin 49$ (↑12.38%)
Bitcoin Cash 146$ (↑19.53%)
Stellar 0.08382$ (↑7.07%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $131 billion


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