Results of the Day: February 20, 2019

February 20, 2019

  • Public beta of Binance's DEX decentralized platform has been launched.
  • Someone paid 2100 ETH fee for a 0,01 ETH transaction. This fee was received by Sparkpool mining pool, that mined this block. The mining pool announced, that they froze this amount and are waiting for the sender to contact them. If not, those funds will be allocated between miners. 
  • Elon Musk praised Bitcoin and said, that it's better than fiat money, however he once again highlighted the energy efficiency problem of the cryptocurrency.
  • ICOs raised $150 million in January 2019. One year ago this amount was 10 times higher. There are only 22 successfully funded project compared to 82 in the first month of 2018.
  • Study: almost 11% of Internet users in South African Republic own cryptocurrency, 9,9% in Thailand, and 9,5% in Indonesia.

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3973$ (↓0.27%)
Ethereum 147$ (↓0.11%)
Ripple 0.328$ (↓1.74%)
EOS 3.82$ (↑5.62%)
Litecoin 51$ (↑5.41%)
Bitcoin Cash 147$ (↑0.88%)
Stellar 0.08968$ (↓1.25%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $135 billion


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