Results of the Day: February 21, 2019

February 21, 2019

  • Mizuho Financial Group announced the release of its own stablecoin J-Coin and a mobile app for payment called J-Coin Pay.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 has a built-in storage for private keys.
  • KuCoin artificially inflates trading volumes of non-popular coins for $90,000.
  • MyEtherWallet partnered with Bity to introduce a feature of withdrawing cryptocurrency in fiat via IBAN. At the moment the feature supports withdrawals in euro and Swiss franc.
  • Bitcoin trading volume has grown to its April 2018 numbers.
  • According to rumors, Bitmain fired at least 40% of employees..

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3952$ (↓0.62%)
Ethereum 145$ (↓1.38%)
Ripple 0.321$ (↓1.95%)
EOS 3.75$ (↓2.18%)
Litecoin 49$ (↓3.92%)
Bitcoin Cash 142$ (↓3.12%)
Stellar 0.08888$ (↓0.94%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $133 billion


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