Results of the Day: February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

  • Aave Pay has been announced. This app will allow to pay bills with cryptocurrency.
  • Facebook is preparing to announce the upcoming launch of its own stablecoin, which will be integrated in WhatsApp.
  • Users of Square bought a record amount of BTC worth $166.5 million via payment app called Cash App. 
  • Gemini joined the cloud community BT Radianz Cloud.
  • Cryptopia to re-launch in a "read-only" mode on March 4 for the first time since a hack. 

Prices of main cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin 3847$ (↓0.31%)
Ethereum 137$ (↓0.97%)
Ripple 0.311$ (↓1.68%)
EOS 3.54$ (↑1.65%)
Litecoin 46$ (↑1.57%)
Bitcoin Cash 132$ (↓1.34%)
Stellar 0.08491$ (↓1.49%)

Cryptocurrency market capitalization: $130 billion


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