Top 10 ICOs of 2017

October 14, 2017

Top 10 ICOs of 2017

ICOs have rapidly become the new standard method of raising funds for cryptocurrency startups and enthusiasts. Although not every ICO raises its minimum goal, most projects have had no problem selling all the available tokens. During 2017 some ICO have raised a lot of money. There is a brief overview of the most successful ICO projects in terms of funding throughout 2017.


The aim of this project is to provide a globally trusted commerce solution, based on the Ethereum blockchain to merchants in all industries. It has raised 36,6 million dollars, as a result, people are very interested in this project.


 Its aim is to connect smart contract technologies with real-world data. Raising 36,86 million dollars proves hopefulness of this construct.


The world of supercomputing can benefit from more decentralization. Although SONM is competing against other projects in this industry, it also has the great potential.


It is one of the most interesting projects up to date. The aim is to bring the world of cryptocurrency and mobile gaming together. The result is 53 million dollars.


It is one of the largest projects related to debit cards in the world of cryptocurrency. It has raised 64 million dollars.


This project has raised 90 million dollars. More than that, the Status ICO highlighted major scalability issues for the Ethereum network.


The features of this project are raising 153 million dollars and unbelievably fast consummation of work. It has taken three hours to achieve this result.

3. EOS (STAGE 1)

EOS has already translated into successfully raising 185 million dollars. More interesting fact is that no one knows for sure if the team can deliver on its promises.


Creating a decentralized blockchain that is capable to govern itself through a digital commonwealth sounds pretty interesting on paper. Though, bringing this technology to the masses will be something else. The result of Tezos is 232,319 million dollars.


This project has raised 257 million dollars to decentralize file expiration chain.


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