John McAfee: World Governments Declared War on Bitcoin

September 25, 2017

John McAfee: World Governments Declared War on Bitcoin

One of the most famous and scandalous programmers and entrepreneurs, the founder of antivirus software company McAfee, John McAfee, spoke of starting of a full-scale war between sovereign governments and the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies.

"Present days will go down in history as the beginning of the war between the proponents of cryptocurrency and the world governments. If governments aren't able to know what the new technology is, they will be unable to collect revenues. As a result, it will cause panic in several countries. For example, China sees that situation," said McAfee.

Besides, McAfee made fun of the theory, that the virtual currency market is a bubble. According to his opinion, US dollars are less safe than bitcoins.

"Creation of 1 Bitcoin costs over US$1,000 for my company, We are one of the largest bitcoin miners in the USA. We spend time, energy, electricity and a lot of preparation to make this coin. How much work does it need to create a $100?," he said.


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