Almost 80% of Americans Know About Bitcoin

November 14, 2017

Almost 80% of Americans Know About Bitcoin

A recent poll shows that many Americans know about bitcoin. The generality of young respondents are ready to invest in it, on the contrary older generation don’t think of it.

In September, LendEDU interviewed 1000 American people whether they heard anything about bitcoin. The great majority (78.6 %) pointed out that they had heard about it.

The report informs:

Firstly, it`s a constant tendency: the older the respondents are, the less chances they have knowledge of bitcoin.

Secondly, it is worth to pay attention to an interesting fact that a lot of people didn’t know whether bitcoin is legal in the USA. 47.71 % of respondents were not sure about it. Probably, this form of currency is considered to be illegal in the United States because of the connection with the darknet.

Besides, when people were asked if they would invest in cryptocurrency, the handsome majority of the respondents (54.58%) marked that they would not do it.

The main conclusion of LendEDU interrogation is the fact that the younger an American man is, the more preferable investments, possession and using of bitcoins are for him or her.

Many elderly Americans have already concluded that they will not trust Bitcoin, however as the youth develop, it can be expected that the digital currency will become more widespread asset in the US economy.


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