Blockchain Becoming Part of Flying Cars

November 20, 2017

Blockchain Becoming Part of Flying Cars

Uber together with NASA and several aerospace companies are developing a project of a flying car. Volvo is working at the design of the futuristic vehicles.

Bartini and Uber's project Elevate uses blockchain for the concept of a flying vehicle. China plans to begin selling flying cars in 2019.

The blockchain platform provides fast and trouble-free operation of the whole ecosystem: vehicles, charging stations, parking lots, customers.

Air taxi should become one of the inseparable elements of our IoT-future when things and objects communicate with each other without connecting to the central computer. In a sense, it is also a decentralized system. Since helicopter platforms of large megacities are mostly empty, the infrastructure for the implementation of this concept can be said to have already been created. For example, in Tokyo, Seoul and Los Angeles. At the moment, the urban air transport market is estimated at $1.2 billion, which should ensure rapid progress in the field of air transportation.

Blockchain as a platform will allow of paying in tokens for a trip or charging at the charging station. Smart contracts will store information about the service and payment of the car. This is a perfect example of how air transport will use the best technologies available in the future, although so far everything looks too fantastic and far from reality.


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