Former US Presidential Candidate Touts Bitcoin

November 20, 2017

Former US Presidential Candidate Touts Bitcoin

Ex-congressman from the Republican Party of the United States Ron Paul is hired by the Bitcoin retirement fund Coin IRA for its advertising. It is worth noting that Coin IRA is a subsidiary of Goldco, a retirement fund that allows you to store savings in precious metals.

Paul participated in the advertising video shooting in which he advises Americans to keep their pension savings in Bitcoin, listing numerous advantages of this method.

"As a staunch supporter of the cryptocurrency, I am delighted with the opportunities Bitcoin offers," Paul stated in the video. He urges Americans to contact Coin IRA to find out more about the possible programs offered by the fund.

The IRA is an individual retirement account used in the US pension scheme. Such accounts are opened and managed individually in banks, brokerage companies and other financial organizations. The main feature of the IRA is that its owner receives tax benefits unless they withdraw money from it before reaching the age of 60.

Recently, companies that provide services related to retirement Bitcoin accounts have started operating in the United States. They help their clients acquire the cryptocurrency using their IRA. For example, at the end of 2016, Bitcoin IRA retirement fund raised $2 million and today is the leader of this market.


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