IOTA Ran an Application to Anonymize Transactions

November 21, 2017

IOTA Ran an Application to Anonymize Transactions

IOTA developers launched the basic version of Mixer. It is an application which improves the anonymity parameters in IOTA network. Consequently, you have a possibility to credit cash means at random as well as mix transactions for hiding links between bidders. As a result, IOTA coins are not closely related to the initial sender.

Moreover, IOTA developers are going to make free access to the both application code and the related documentation.

It is worthwhile to say that IOTA demonstrates considerable increase. Furthemore, its price has increased by 50% over the last seven days.

Heretofore, the Bitcoin Core team offered an innovative technology for confidential transactions, based on the way that transactions of transactions were merged into one large transaction.


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