Prospects for Bitcoin Cash

November 21, 2017

Prospects for Bitcoin Cash

Since the appearance of Bitcoin Cash after hardfork in late summer of 2017, the price has gradually declined, especially against the background of Bitcoin rise, but a week ago it shot up to $2300, the price of November 20, 2017 fluctuates around $1197.

After this jump, the cryptocurrency market begins to pay more and more attention to Bitcoin Cash.

Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus, the evangelist of the cryptocurrency industry, sees the future of Bitcoin in Bitcoin Cash. The boost of its price prompted neutral platforms, for example, eToro, to add the tokens.

Moreover, Ver claims that Bitcoin Cash is a real bitcoin and, one of these days it is going to have impressive market capitalization, user base and trading volume. Now, the market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash is 5 times smaller than that of Bitcoin, the daily volume is 3 times smaller, while the number of coins in circulation is approximately the same (Bitcoin has 16.7 million coins with Bitcoin Cash's 16.8 million).

According to social network data, today the cryptocurrency market pays most attention to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Immediately after the fork, ViaBitcoin, Kraken, Bter, Bittrex began supporting Bitcoin Cash, after which the percentage of its supporters ceased to grow. Despite this fact, the recent price spike has interested further platforms and provided even greater support for Bitcoin Cash.


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