Cryptocurrency Wallets in Danger? What Will be the Consequences of Hacking Uber?

November 23, 2017

Cryptocurrency Wallets in Danger? What Will be the Consequences of Hacking Uber?

In a recent statement, Uber has announced that personal information about its drivers and many of its users was hacked, more than 57 million people's data fell into hackers' hands. Violators were able to access user names, driver's license numbers and mobile phone numbers.

The hacking occurred in 2016, and the company still hid this information from the public. Instead of reporting the incident, the company preferred to pay the hackers a ransom of $100,000 in exchange for the data removal and nondisclosure of information about hacking. According to the company's statement, "During the incident, we took immediate steps to protect the data and prevent further unauthorized access by individuals. Then we were assured that the downloaded data were destroyed, and plenty of security measures were taken."

The main risk for users of digital currencies is mobile cryptocurrency wallets. Having access to names and phone numbers, hackers can potentially steal data from the phone or even restart it as an access point to mobile wallets. The recent victims of such attacks include Chris Burniske and others who have 150,000 dollars stolen.

While the scale of the threat is still unclear, Bitcoin owners are encouraged to pay close attention to the balances available on mobile wallets and see if there is a risk of cracking them. In addition, users are always encouraged to store most of the cryptocurrency in offline wallets.


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