Yahoo Finance: 71% of Bitcoin Buyers Earned on It

November 23, 2017

Yahoo Finance: 71% of Bitcoin Buyers Earned on It

The website Yahoo Finance conducted a survey on the most popular digital currency in the world. It is known that the number of survey participants is 6300 people.

First, the survey participants were asked if they had ever bought Bitcoin. Furthermore, they were asked what do they think about it generally and particularly. As a result, 23% of participants answered that they bought BTC, moreover 20% of them still own the currency. In addition, many investors added that they have been buying cryptocurrency only for a year.

What is more, 71% of digital currency buyers said that they had earned on it and only 8% had suffered losses because of it. Besides, it is widely known that the average income of investors is making $3,000 while their overage loss making $5,000.

Almost a quarter of respondents said that they became richer and had more money for different expenses. Furthermore,12% of them told they had enough money to leave work.

Hence, 56% of those who own Bitcoin are going to buy it in the nearest future. 15% consider they had already purchased enough. Among the responders who don’t own BTC 11% will purchase it shortly and 38% are only thinking of it.

According to the second poll, 56% of investors consider Bitcoin is overpriced. At the same time, only 15% of those who only plan to buy cryptocurrencies hold this opinion and 56% of those who don’t do it.

As for the use of cryptocurrency, only 4% of BTC buyers informed that they are doing it most for purchases. In addition, 53% consider Bitcoin solely as favorable investment option and 37% believe that the cryptocurrency is both an investment and a mean of payment.

As can be expected investors are calling in question the future viability of Bitcoin. Only 36% of responders believe that Bitcoin will exist for more than 10 years while 34% are not sure Bitcoin will last so long. As for the rest of responders, it was rather difficult for them to answer this question.


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