Donald Nicks: Bitcoin is a Dead Currency

November 24, 2017

Donald Nicks: Bitcoin is a Dead Currency

Recently Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen one more price spike, because the lead developer of Altcoin has mentioned, that Bitcoin is a dead currency.

On Tuesday, when the price of Bitcoin started to raise, Donald Nicks wrote on Twitter, that the hard August turn meant that Bitcoin didn’t exist anymore. “Bitcoin is dead. It was divided into two parts – Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core. People should be reconciled to this fact,” he noted. The main community responded quickly. It in return remarked Nicks’ public behavior was similar to troll’s one.

Proceeding intensity is increasing as Bitcoin is on the path to doubled price. It is recognized that its recent minimum was 947 dollars on the 17th of November. More than that, current market results illustrate the price is approaching to 1600 dollars per a coin, while the price increase of Bitcoin is lower. Namely, Bitcoin is trading neat its record level of 8200 dollars.


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