Apple Files Patent Application to Use Blockchain Technologies

December 8, 2017

Apple Files Patent Application to Use Blockchain Technologies

The American technology giant Apple filed a new application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to the document, the company plans to use the Distributed Ledger Technology in its possible future system for creating and processing timestamps.

The application says that Apple will develop a program that will perform certification of timestamps by combining blockchain technology with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) facilities.

The program's operation involves tying a certain part of the data to a specific blockchain transaction. If you change the information contained in the block, new transactions will be created that will mark the fact of the change. Besides, every time a transaction is checked, miners will add another block. Apple names this system "a multi-check architecture".

As specified by the authors, the choice in favor of the blockchain was due to the technology's safety and its ability to prevent disruption of the network integrity.

One should recall that previously Steve Wozniak, a co-manager of Apple, expressed his sincere liking to the crypto technology, Bitcoin in particular, recognizing it as the best medium of money circulation, compared to gold and the US dollar.


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