Wikipedia's Co-founder Joins a Blockchain Startup to Destroy his Former Creation

December 9, 2017

Wikipedia's Co-founder Joins a Blockchain Startup to Destroy his Former Creation

Larry Sanger, the co-founder of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, joined the startup firm Everipedia. Dr. Sanger is also an open critic of Wikipedia, claiming that he does not like the thing the online encyclopedia has become.

During the interview, Dr. Sanger discussed the reasons why he had decided to become an official of Everipedia, which he considers the next step in online encyclopedias' evolution. He stated the following: "The biggest problem with online information today is that it is centralized and controlled by very few players and that it is beneficial for it to have the most populist and often misleading information. We can change this sphere for the better."

Everipedia will use blockchain technology to create an extended version of Wikipedia. The startup will transfer the entire process of approving articles, making changes and storing information to the EOS platform.

Using the platform to record the workflow of editing and storing articles, the Everipedia team stated that it would create a truly censorship-free system. The firm also claimed that it would provide "incentives" for depositors with cryptocurrency tokens to create a platform with more accurate information.

According to the co-founder of Everipedia and white paper co-author Sam Kazemian, the incentive model is similar to the model given to the miners in the bitcoin sector: "Just as the miners who find blocks get new bitcoins, these editors will receive new tokens."

In addition to the EOS platform, the company will also use a decentralized server model called the "Interplanetary File System" (IPFS) to store files with large data volume, such as video and images.


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